Looking Around/Everydays (Demo UK)

Sweet Dreams (UK Factory Sample)

Your Move/Life Seeker (Promo UK)

Your Move (Short Version)/Mono (Promo USA)

Your Move/Iíve Seen All Good People ( Promo Arg)

Roundabout Live (UK Promo)

Roundabout Mono/Stereo (US Yellow Vinyl Promo)

And You And I (Edited Version) Part 1/Mono (Promo USA)

And You And I/Total Mass Retain (Demo Arg)

America Mono/Stereo (Promo USA)

Soon/Mono (Promo USA)

Going For The One/Parallels (Demo UK)

Going For The One (Extended)/Parallels (Demo UK)

Wonderous Stories/Mono (Promo USA)

Release Release /Donít Kill The Whale (Promo USA)

Into The Lens/Mono (Promo USA)

Run Through The Light/Mono (Promo USA)

Owner of a Lonely Heart(Long)/(Short) (Promo USA PS)

Owner Of A Lonely Heart (J DJ Promo)

Leave It/Acappela (Promo USA)

It Can Happen (Promo USA)

Rhythm Of Love (Promo Spain PS)

Rhythm Of Love (Promo Arg)

Love Will Find A Way (Promo USA PS)

Lift Me Up/I Would Have Waited Forever (Promo Arg)

Interview (Promo)




Into The Lens (1 Sided Promo)

Owner Of A Lonely Heart (Long Version US Promo)

Leave It (Promo Diff Mixes UK)

Leave It/City Of Love/ Leave It (Re-Mix)/Leave It (Acappela) (Promo USA)

It Can Happen (Studio)/(Live) (Promo USA)




Time And A Word (Test Pressing)

Time And A Word (Brazilian Demo)

Close To The Edge (US White Label Promo)

Classic Yes (Test Pressing Diff PS)

Classic Yes 7 Inch Single (White Label Promo)

Yes Solos Sampler (Promo 10 Tk USA)

Tormato (US White Label Promo)

Big Generator (J DJ Promo)